I’ve become sensitive and sentimental, my eyes get hazy with goodbye videos, I melt with clichés, and I get excited seeing kids that insist on playing hide and seek on the road reminding me of my own childhood. I invent new measures to fit myself in boundaries until I surpass them.

I feel strong and distant from material objects and people who keep fascinating my thoughts for a common life and insist on reminding me of their existence through small everyday movements and newly adopted habits. Through fresh images, unconnected to my previous lives, they manage to bring back smiles out of nowhere that I find difficult to explain and pass across without the use of verbal aids.

Any bad history has vanished from the minute I freed myself to the present and trusted the person I had forgotten inside me. I can’t stop smiling because I am changing; I see it in the laughter and the embrace of the surroundings, in the delightful receptiveness of my being, without glitters, nude and alone, unitary and unique, like each one of you.

It took me a while to see the world entirely in my own eyes, with optimism and idealism. The people that I call my friends like to crack jokes on me saying that I am miles away from reality, that my thoughts are feasible and applicable only in utopic worlds. We all know though that there are times when they envy my courage and give me their consent to drag them out of their waters with my words and actions.

The people I call my friends, I adore them the more with every new day because they allow me to dream and they guilefully wink at me when they chicken out, but they dare to trust me.


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