Bugun Pazar/Λίγα Γαρούφαλλα/Today is Sunday

Mornings by nature tend to intesify the inescapable expectations. “And me, filled with your absence, loaded with the impatience of the great voyages”.


Today is Sunday.

For the first time they took me out into the sun today.

And for the first time in my life I was aghast

that the sky is so far away

and so blue

and so vast

I stood there without a motion.

Then I sat on the ground with respectful devotion

leaning against the white wall.

Who cares about the waves with which I yearn to roll

Or about strife or freedom or my wife right now.

The soil, the sun and me…

I feel joyful and how.


Translated by Talat Sait Halman. (Literature East & West, March 1973)

P.S. I will not attempt to print the original in Turkish or the liberal transformation of the poem into a song in Greek. Privileged are the few who can understand the original, and us more than few who can relate to the lyrics of the song. Sometimes, some of the those belonging to our human race are capable of making beautiful things.


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