Phoneless in Athens

I never thought how relieving it could be to come home and not have a Greek working phone number at hand after accidentally blocking my old one. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to see my friends and I will after this weekend but this is not the key point. It is not the fact that “I’m kinda busy” to quote Lady Gaga and therefore I can’t hear anyone – which I am. Granted that despite my normative schedule I insist on going out nightly for drinks in spring-full Athens, and bringing into play small road trips, this “phoneless” period feels like my own personalised hermitage. It most certainly intrigues me to take up my summer plans of staying away from all sorts of communication for a week or so in some quiet island even more wholeheartedly. As for tonight’s road trip and musical extravaganza I shall say nothing more than make sure you don’t forget your “aspirin!”


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