In the End

I learned to spell without understanding what I read. I learned to count without knowing the meaning of each digit. I learned to admire ancient statutes without understanding Thucydides. Maybe our mistakes are those that define our fate because I cannot think of anything else that could substantially shape my life. If hadn’t taken the side-path as opposed to a preset course, I would not be in a position to love, write, or even be what I am. At the end of the day everything changes, transforms, somehow like the seasons, from the winter to a full spring. People come and go in our life. It is therefore convenient to hold for a fact that those who you truly love, you keep well-hidden in your heart and soul. And you are lucky if they too decide to wander you around in their own, with no soulful expense.

One day I sat down to consider the relationships among people, my own and not. There are those that open new horizons to something fresh and exotic, those that hang in there from the past and are familiar, those that appear before you like gigantic questionnaires whose deal you aim to find, those that give you something unexpected, something uncalled, those that make you wander far away from your usual waters, and those that pull you back. However, the most impressive, the most interesting, and heaviest relationship of them all is the one you have with your own self. The dreamiest option is to find someone to love the person in you that you ought to adore so. We search for love. Real love though. The ridiculous, the elusive, the consuming, the “I can’t bear a moment away from you” love.

In an artificial and fake world full of restrictions, guilt, hypocrisy, and conventions, the filthy dreamers fighting, gain freedom of body and soul. They remind you that the only definite heaven is here: that of the senses and the ecstasies. A heaven which is also – just like we are – a creation of the same God. And you may kill the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.

P.S. “Cause we all get it in the end.” Don’t miss the soundtrack version from the movie Shortbus (great love) here .


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