I started off determined not to direct anything, I started off randomly. To follow the flow of a wander actively (as if that’s possible), without seeking something specific, because in myths and fairytales are recorded passing memories, indefinite, long and well forgotten. Framed memories to shout that the years went by and we never took enough revenge. It is a rushed journey, not out of frivolity but out of impatience and need. Plain, laconic, unvarnished.

Perception becomes an experience only when it connects to the senses – memories of the past, the present, and the future.

Warm light, they say, loosens the defences, whichever defences, even I – I think – belong here. I learn daily. The probable and the expected have become a surprise. New goals, new plans, fresh fields to reap. You have to do what the instinct and others have indicated as a solution. Don’t be afraid, not even for a moment. Memories are made to last only until you erase them. You or some other new memories surpass them in duration, intensity, in bravado. We are all afraid of the next step, don’t let them convince you of the opposite; travel in the world of yearning. The risk is counted in comparison to what you have to win, not lose.

P.S. The axiom of priceless time: the amount of trust which you may dare to gamble on someone will be proportionate to the time you present them with.

P.P.S. Our time is the only tangible good we own to invest. I do not take it lightly, that’s why I invest as much back to equalize the rates. Trust me it is no stock market bubble.


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