The current days have no limits
But only distance
That, which is separated by two tracks.

No night will ever change such orbits
It might just make the red traffic lights
Appear silver – just that.

The current days make no circles
What arrives knows its time well
And passes it on to those that forget to depart.

There are no wrongs or truths
Inasmuch as the rails might have names
The wheels will always slide in parallel.

There are no more perilous bridges
And in a clichéd counterbalance
There are no hand breaks either.

And the long distance which you have covered
Don’t ever calculate it as a percentage of the total
Because velocity will refute you.

It is nothing special, really
Steam, oil, gas, really
Aromatic hydrocarbons.

The frozen landscapes from the window
Will no more be photographs of blinks
If you come and sit in the front next to the driver.

In the front seat, smoking is permitted
And the ticket collectors are waiters
Of dark chocolate – to each his own.

In the front seat, smoking is permitted
And the promises are Gordian
You know, such that cannot be loosened – only cut.

You know

Yet not with such swords
Only when the Iron Age comes
Will the debarkation ever be legitimate.


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