Rêves de Foudre

When you told me that dreams are made of spasms
I giggled and uneasily caressed your arm
And when you told me that when you wake up
For the first few seconds you hear the core of the earth
Like you hear your heartbeat
When your breath ran out in the long dive
I starred at you impatiently and asked
When you were going to cut off the rubbish
And you replied within the thunder of the earth
That you hear the song only for a few times
That you see the dust around you lighting up
And dancing on the edge of time
In the echo of this beat
Yet I told you not to hassle me
I told you that the choices have been made
The pulse exists no more
The song does not reach here any more
I rose from the long dive of your words
And told you that if you crave for spasms
I will offer you one for the end
You looked at me and your eyes
Were pretty
I had made them, they didn’t even blink
While I dragged the dream to the light
You didn’t even blink
When I opened my eyes at the peak of the spasm
I smiled victoriously
That I heard no core or beat
But the cigarette would have been sweeter
If you had only blinked.


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