The Damage

It was storming last night and I hailed a yellow taxi. As I walked in, the driver was humming this song that was playing on the radio:

– “Do you feel the song?” I asked.

– “Yes, especially when it talks about love lost, and pain […] Right after I turned 20, I fell in love with this one girl. Really in love, you know? The kind of love that makes you see nothing else around you. The kind of love that turns you into your best and worst self all at once. You know?”

– “I do know. What happened to your love?”

– “I damaged it right before I turned 21. I am married now, I am 51 years old, and I have two beautiful children. I am still in love with that one woman. She wasn’t even all so pretty, you know. But she laughed with my jokes, and she cried with my sorrow; she could feel me, she understood me.”

– “Have you seen her again since?”

– “I have a couple of times at random. I don’t know if she ever noticed me. I sometimes wonder if she would still recognize me after all the years.”

– “How was she, had she changed a lot?”

– “I didn’t even look”, he answered. “For me she will always be her, one and the same.”

P.S. And it’s been years, and I still don’t know whether the video or the text is the most accurate depiction of the future.


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