I had seen you in my sleep
Many, many years ago
I was begging not to wake up
(Because if you know something
You know it from the start)
And I knew that I couldn’t stay
And I knew that you couldn’t come with
But we had one night
And I demanded it in whole
My last act of innocence.

I never learned your scent
They say that dreams have no sense of smell
Perhaps though that is how they are defined
We need a way to decipher them
From memories.

This is the way we single them out
Those we don’t have
From those we don’t have any more.

If you really are somewhere in there
Maybe you’ve gotten used to it too
Used to not remembering your dreams
And maybe you too have tried
To dream of a present
Which you want to never have to forget.
You have no name
Everyone else did
But I tried to name them
After you.

If you are somewhere in there
You are the solution no more,
The oblivion
The end
My end.

I hope I never find you:
Once you’d be abundant
Now you’d be redundant
And there is no word to describe
The apology, which you owe.

P.S. And this is how the last night of yet another summer, ends.