I didn’t have words
Even though I spoke too much.
I had no words
Even though I needed them all.

I had no words
Because I believed in silence.
I had no words
Because they were hidden in pages.

A thousand times I looked
And in all of them, I saw you.
A thousand times the same street I saw
From its same one beginning.

“We’re here” I said, and I was lying:
We were never there, in whole.

I didn’t have words
Only those fabricated by the mad ones
The ravenous
Words we invented
So they could be heard over the noise of the world
If it ever so happened that it shrunk like tonight
Even for a little while, even now, always again.

A thousand times to be lost
It’s the same inexplicable that finds me
Even if you are given to me a thousand times
I will never have words
The same words that you don’t have
Those words which, like us, we keep unspoken
Precious not even though
But because they are unneeded.